i'm 17 and my name is Summer. woot woot. I post some fandom things but also other stuff. part weeaboo trash. that's actually a lie i'm full weeaboo trash

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In spain I was asked if I could print a calendar and now I checked prices… 
Would anyone of you be interested in a calender aswell? if enough people are interested I’d print a few, they would cost 12,50€ (A4) or 18€ (A3) + shipping (if I can print 20 pieces in a row) <3 
Sent me an email or a message or just write a comment if you are seriously interested : > 

the pictures are just to get an idea what could be in the calendar, I still need to ask all the photographers if it’s okay to use the photos  ; ) 
…and I know a lot of you are following because we share the love for Tolkien, please mention if you’d like a kalender with only Tolkien cosplays more <3 

Please note that I don’t do this for money, but for you cause I really want to fullfill such wishes cause it really means a lot to me. <3

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I know my crappy pics don’t fully illustrate my point
I’m just sick of going to movies or reading comics and out of the infinite possibilities out there for aliens, male aliens are the only ones who ever have any sort of variety

breathtaking and timeless